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Painfully Excited About Gareth

Of course this is not about the very talented Gareth; but it is about me, and about my own willingness to accept my own vocation, and ultimately the wisdom and kindness of God.

There are three big battles the disciples face in the gospels:  persecution, distraction and competition.  It is these three that consume us, and the energy of the Spirit in us must be directed at their extinction.

They are such poison.  I appreciate the story of the old devils tempting an old saint in some Eastern desert; he is immune to all their allurements and deceptions; until one of them whispers to him “your brother has just become Archbishop of Alexandria”.  Gore Vidal writes that whenever one of our friends becomes successful, a part of us dies.  Bonhoeffer said that whenever disciples gather there arises a reckoning amongst them.

Gareth, I hope you had good Greenbelt.  Your elevation to 14th exciting thing was actually for my own edification a much as for yours.


Good piece here in the Guardian about the limits of science (this site is becoming chronically blinkered in its choice of journalism).  Newton said that his job was picking up a shells on the edge of an infinite ocean.  An equivalent would be Francis Collins’ cirtique of the New Atheists: “It is like searching the ocean with a fishing net whose gaps are 3cm wide, and after much searching concluding that the sea contains no species shorter than 3cm”.

Inscribing The Text

The jazz theme of scripture

Key Words Gospel Yearning Confidence
Source Inscribing the text
Author Brueggemann, Walter
Page 165
Quote Brueggemann considers the relentless theme of the text of scripture, based on Miriam’s song about the riders being thrown into the sea.

His metaphor for all of this is jazz, about which he knows three things
1. Jazz arises among the disadvantaged who cannot afford to have things settled
2. Jazz consists in a theme which keeps on recurring
3. That theme is played out with endless variations, enormous freedom, but under discipline to the core theme, to which reference is endlessly made, return to which always matters decisively

A memorable line about the domestication of God’s people
– We nickel and dime
– We settle for committees
– We pester to balance races
– We doubt, and in doubt grow weary and in weariness become fearful and anxious and ambitious

If you think you are smart enough to have it your own way – consider your call
If you think you know how to muscle your way ahead of all the others – consider your call
If you think you have the privilege because you come from somewhere special – consider your call

References Sing to the Lord (Exodus 15:21)
The Lord kills and brings to life (1 Samuel 2:6-8)
By you I can crush a troop (2 Samuel 22:29-31)
The Lord will save me (Isaiah 38:19-20)
He will tread our iniquities (Micah 7:19-20)
Though the fig tree

Bragging about the city

Key Words Steadfast City Love Justice Righteousness Wisdom Power Might Wealth
Source Inscribing the text
Author Brueggemann, Walter
Page 189
Quote Looks the bragging rights of a city, and how traditional bragging (particulary with Solomon) is in wisdom, might and wealth, but Jeremiah causes us to look at a different triad: steadfast love, justice and righteousness.

Closes with echoes of Jeremiah in Paul in 1 Corinthians 1

References Boasting in Zion (Psalms 48:12-14)
The boasts of Solomon (1 Kings 4)
Boasting in the right things (Jeremiah 9:24)
Boasting in the right things (1 Corinthians 1:18-31)

Forgiveness and Capital Punishment

Against the death penalty

Key Words Death Punishment Execution Forgiveness
Source Greenbelt 2007
Quote Tells story of Marietta Jaegar whose 7 year old daughter Susie was abducted and killed during a family camping trip to Montana on 25 June 1973. Think this was Richard Rohr.

For 15 months they knew nothing of Susie’s whereabouts.

On the one year anniversary of Susie’s abduction, the abductor called Marietta on the phone to taunt the mother of his victim. But instead he was disarmed when she expressed concerns that his actions must have placed a tremendous burden on his soul. He was taken aback and began to cry and talked with Marietta for over an hour. Shortly afterwards, the authorities found him, and Marietta learned the painful details of torture and death that had befallen her young daughter.

She said “I was catapulted into a very intense spiritual journey, initially I was willing to kill that kidnapper with my bare hands for taking my little girl away and because of the terrible affect it had on the whole family… But after an intense wrestling match with God she felt called to forgive the kidnapper for the sake of herself and everyone else who touched her life.

Marietta now campaigns against the death penalty and says the following:

We victims can respond, as no one else can, to those who believe that the death penalty is a necessary action to see that justice is served.
“That no retaliatory executions will compensate us for what we have lost, or restore our loved ones to our arms, in fact we insult the inestimable value of our loved one’s memory by becoming that which we abhor, “people who kill people”, we have to aspire to a higher moral principle, that is more befitting the goodness and innocence of our loved ones, one that claims that all of life is sacred and worthy of preservation.

I will never condone the killing of another person, chained and defenceless, because that was my daughter’s experience, let us not produce yet another victim and yet another grieving family.”

Yuck Of Our Lives

The yuck of our lives

Key Words Pain Failure Incarnation Grace Forgiveness
Source Judges
Author Ralph Davis, Dale
Quote Here we are some in family situations we have messed up; some in emotional trauma; some in grief and sorrow or in the clutches of temptation. Life seems to be a mass of twisted coathangers and disconnected doorknobs. And the glory of this text is that it tells us that Yahweh is not a white – gloved stand offish God out somewhere in the remote left field of the universe who hesitates to get his strong right arm dirty in the yuck of our lives. He is the God who delights to deliver his people even in their messes and likes to make them laugh again; He is the God who allows weeping to endure for a night but sees that joy comes in the morning.

In Pursuit Of His Glory – Part 2

Family points

Key Words Family Parent Children
Source In Pursuit of his Glory
Author Kendall, R.T.
Page 266-267
Quote Talks about how he would bring up his children again

1. Listen to them when they talk with you, they will never turn to you at a convenient time

2. Do not dismiss their feelings of being hurt over the way their friends or teachers treat them

3. Make the meals at the table last longer – and encourage them to talk

4. Don’t leave them when they are afraid to go to sleep or need a bedtime story

5. Set time to be with them and keep your appointment as you would for the most important person on earth, for your children are even more important yet

He relies on Romans 8:28 and the promise of Joel to restore the years that the locusts have eaten. “But one must not forget: the fact that something works together for good doesn’t mean it was right at the time”

References All things work together for good (Romans 8:28)
The years that the locusts have eaten (Joel 2:25)

The perfection of the ancestors

Key Words Pride Ancestors Past Father Reputation Success
Source In Pursuit of his Glory
Author Kendall, R.T.
Page 264
Quote The quest to live up to one’s predecessors can be like Elijah who cried “I am no better than my ancestors”, But God wasn’t finished with Elijah yet
References No better than the ancestors (1 Kings 19:4)

Pursuit of the dream

Key Words Success Ambition Numbers Weakness Desire Popularity Reward
Source In Pursuit of his Glory
Author Kendall, R.T.
Page 243-261
Quote Kendall talks about his apparent failures in the Chapel, how numbers have fallen and revival has not come

“What happens to a dream deferred? Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun, or does it explode p243

“You can always tell a successful man, but you can’t tell him much p244

In relation to numbers at chapel (p245) he talks about friendship. To some he was tomorrow’s man who would restore the numbers. When it became apparent that this would not happen these friendships disintegrated, whilst others accepted him no matter what happened.

O God, I asked for strenght that I might achieve; I was made weak that I might learn humbly to obey.
I aksed for help that I might do greater things; I was given infirmity that I might do better things
I asked for riches that I might be happy, I was given poverty that I might be wise.
I asked for power that I might have the praise of men; I was given weakness that I might fell the need of God
I asked for all things that I might enjoy life; I was given life that I might enjoy all things

I got nothing that I asked for, but everything I hoped for.
Almost despite myself, my unspoken prayers were answered. I am among all men most richly blessed.
– A confederate soldier

Makes comparison with David, who was given so many good things, yet was not allowed to build the Father’s house. He tells story about a child going to the theme park and coming back home with their family. Asked if she had enjoyed herself one girl says “I did not get my balloon”. None of the rides ice creams could compensate for this. Instead of acknowledging that the boundaries have fallen in pleasant places (Psalm 16:6)

He disagrees with Charles Finney, the 19th century American evangelist (who he admires – p255) who taught that if we do certain things God will do certain things, therefore any Church can see revival

“When Ronald Regan had a slogan on his desk “There is no limit to how far a person may go as long as he doesn’t care who gets the credit

References Though he slay me (Job 13:15)
Leanness to their soul (Psalms 106:15)
David told he couldn’t build the temple (1 Chronicles 17:1-15)
David’s covenant (2 Samuel 7:1-17)
Boundaries have fallen (Psalms 16:6)
Though the fig tree does not bu ýÿRX½<C:Users

Fear not

Key Words Fear Afraid
Source In Pursuit of his Glory
Author Kendall, R.T.
Page 237
Quote Fear not (or its equivelant) is found 366 times in the Bible. One for every day in the year and one for leap year

Not the man I was

Key Words Sanctification Repentance Holiness Growth Discipleship
Source In Pursuit of his Glory
Author Kendall, R.T.
Page 237
Quote From John Newton:
I’m not what I ought to be, I’m not what I hoped to be and I’m not what I will be, but thank God I am not what I used to be

Dignifying the trial

Key Words Suffering Trial Injustice Pain Forgiveness
Source In Pursuit of his Glory
Author Kendall, R.T.
Page 222
Quote Talks about dignifying the trial, and putting up with the way that people may treat you badly

“You must totally forgive them, for until you forgive them you will be in chains”

Wanting a monument

Key Words Ambition Success Waiting Memory Monument Permanence
Source In Pursuit of his Glory
Author Kendall, R.T.
Page 208
Quote Thoughts on Absalom who wanted to be sure that he would be remembered so he made a monument to himself. The thought of leaving any kind of monument to oneself, building an empire or ensuring that people will remember us is but to forfeit what God himself would have done for us. The glory that will come from God only is worth waiting for.
References Absalom’s monument (2 Samuel 18:18)
The Glory of God (John 5:44)

Avoid prophecy

Key Words Prophecy Visions Old Men
Source In Pursuit of his Glory
Author Kendall, R.T.
Page 205
Quote You young men should stay away from preaching on prophecy (meaning the signs of the times and the events that precede the Second Coming) and let the older men preach on such because they won’t be around to see their mistakes.
References Old men dreams (Joel 2:28-29)
Pentecost (Acts 2:17-21)

Analogy of faith

Key Words Inspiration Scripture
Source In Pursuit of his Glory
Author Kendall, R.T.
Page 203
Quote Talks about Calvin’s contribution to Reformation understanding of scripture, that it has an internal consistency, and that somehow faith is in proportion.
References Analogy of faith (Romans 12:6)

Every Christian

Key Words Theology
Source In Pursuit of his Glory
Author Kendall, R.T.
Page 193
Quote Every Christian is called to be a theologian.

In Pursuit Of His Glory – Part 1

Discouragement of Bunyan

Key Words Encouragement Words Tongue Discouragement Blasphemy Unforgiveable Sin
Source In pursuit of his glory
Author Kendall, R.T.
Page 86
Quote Kendall talks about Monday mornings being bad for preachers. He talks about one Monday morning when he felt particularly down, because he felt he had preached so poorly the evening before.

He reached out for help to one friend who told him “This is a sign of God’s judgement on Britain. There isn’t much good preaching around”

He said he felt like the woman who had gone to Bunyan, fearing that she had committed the unpardonable sin. And Bunyan became convinced that she really had.

References Blasphemy against the Spirit (Matthew 12:31)

Taking risks

Key Words Risk Adventure Journey Embarking
Source In Pursuit of His Glory
Author Kendall, R.T.
Page 59
Quote If I’d though about it
I never would’ve had done it
I guess I would’ve let it slide
If I’d paid attention
To what others were thinkin’
The heart inside me would’ve died

Water and wine

Key Words Miracle Intervention Change Water Wine
Source In Pursuit of His Glory
Author Kendall, R.T
Page 43
Quote Kendall remembers the time that Carl Henry, the dean of American Evangelicalism, came to Westminster and was asked what he would do differently.

They were in Kendall’s car, just going past Buckingham palace, when he remembers him answering
“I would remember that only God could turn the water into wine”

What we expect

Key Words Desire Want Contentment Anticipation Joy Enjoy Pleasure
Source In Pursuit of His Glory
Author Kendall, R.T.
Page 39
Quote What we expect is always greater than what we enjoy

Succeed before ready

Key Words Success Youth Maturity Discipleship Faithfulness
Source In Pursuit of His Glory
Author Lloyd-Jones, Dr. D. M
Page 21
Quote The worst that can happen to a man is to succeed before he is ready

Preaching through Job

Key Words Preaching Expository Sermon
Source In Pursuit of His Glory
Author Kendall, R.T.
Page 141
Quote Kendall talks about the books he has preached through, the ones that he has found hard.

He quotes one evangelical scholar’s accusation that “every preacher who preaches through John has an uneasy feeling when it is over that he didn’t really understand it”

“I always wanted to preach on Job” he says but remembers the mistake of Joseph Carlyl in the mid-seventeenth century. He preached for fifty years on that book, beginning with a congregation of several thousand and ending with a congregation of 50

References On suffering (Job 1-42)

Not as bad as the truth

Key Words Gossip Rumours Truth Humility
Source In Pursuit Of His Glory
Author R.T. Kendall
Page 153
Quote Tells of time that Kendall was feeling particularly disillusioned. His friend David Pawson told him of a time that he had cried out to God “Lord these rumours are hurtful”.

He then felt God say to him” Well David they are not as bad as the truth. And I know the truth and still love you”

References The five husbands (John 4:16-18)

The antinomian gospel

Key Words Antinomian Gospel Ethics Freedom Grace Holiness Forgiveness
Source In Pursuit of His Glory
Author Kendall, R.T.
Page 97
Quote Kendall quotes Dr Martin Lloyd-Jones as having said that the if the gospel we preach is not accused of being anti-nomian it is probably not the gospel at all

Preaching and preparation

Key Words Preaching Prepartion Discipline
Source In Pursuit of His glory
Author Kendall, R.T.
Page 135
Quote If I knew I would have twenty-five years left to live, I would spend twenty of them in preparation.


Key Words Death Conversion Commitment Danger Fear
Source In Pursuit of his Glory
Author Kendall, R.T.
Page 284
Quote Talks of the dangers of foxhole conversions – McArthur used to say that there are no atheists in foxholes.

Myths Have To Be Away From History

I think I heard Stephen Fry recently say that Science Fiction was simply Greek myth, but set in the future.  There is this odd paradox of myth: it is in a fantastical world of Daleks and Jedi, or of Minotaurs and Argonauts that one can bear witness to what is most authentic.

Which brings us to Genesis.

It is the mythic quality of the early chapters enable them to do their job.  No actual life can bear the totality of human meaning, but a mythic one can just about get there.  That’s why the story of tower, the angel tribe, the ark and the garden have to be myth, they have to say more than what happened once, they have to say what happens always.

I and Thou

Awe and wonder

Key Words Awe Wonder Sloth Apathy Laziness Intelligence Incomprenhesibility
Source I and Thou
Author Kaufmann, Walter
Page 24
Quote Sloth meets with awe in the refusal to unravel mysteries

The you relation

Key Words Relationship Communication Friendship Encounter Love Community
Source I and Thou
Author Buber, Martin
Page 62, 67, 69
Quote The you encounters me by grace – it cannot be found by seeking. But that I speak the basic word to it is a deed of my whole being, is my essential deed.

The You encounters me. But I enter into a direct relationship to it. Thus the relationship is election and electing, passive and active at once. An action of the whole being must approach passivity, for it does away with all partial actions and thus with any sense of action, which always depends on limited exertions

The basic word I-You can be spoken only with one’s whole being. The concentration and fusion into a whole being can never be accomplished by me, can never be accomplished without me. I require a You to become; becoming I, I say You.

My actual life is encounter

p67 Relation is reciprocity

p69 In the beginning is the relation

The sublime melancholy

Key Words System Oppression Corporate Sin
Source I and Thou
Author Buber, Martin
Page 68
Quote This, however is the sublime melancholy of our lot that every You must become an It in our world, However exclusively present it may have been in the direct relationship as soon as the relationship has run its course or is permeated by means, the You becomes an object amount objects , possibly the noblest one and yet one of them, assigned its measure and boundary. The actualisation of the work involves a loss of actuality. Genuine contemplation never lasts longl the natural being that only nhoe revealed itself to me in the mystery of reciprocity has again become describable analyzable classifiable – the point at which manifold systems of laws intersect. And eve love cannot persist in direct relation: it endures but only in the alternation of actuality and latency.
References Not against flesh and blood (Ephesians 6:12)
Tower of Babel (Genesis 11:1-9)

Knowing in the womb

Key Words Womb Birth Knowledge Intuition Primordial
Source I and Thou
Author Buber, Martin
Page 76
Quote We are told in the language of the Jewish myth that in his mother’s womb man knows the universe and forgets it at birth
References Met you in the womb (Psalms 103:13)

Third Way – Part 4

Quotes of the month

Key Words Luxury Decadence Atheism Culture Mission Colonialism Crucifixion Passion
Source Third Way
Page May 2004
Quote What you see on Footballer’s Wives is a world in which charity and fairness, generosity and a sense of perspective about yourself are all swept aside, – Archbishop of Canterbury on how ITV captured the ethics of a nation

I conclude that Pilate acted impartially throughout, although I cannot rule out the possibility that he was subconsciously influenced by thousands of people, led by the Jewish elders, shouting “Crucify him! Crucify Him!” – Private Eye competition to Huttonise history

When the missionaries came to Africa they had the Bible and we had the land. They said “Let us pray”. We closed our eyes and when we had opened them we had the Bible and they had the land. – Desmond Tutu

If someone lives in hell and he has a means of going to paradise he will accept it – Tamam Abdo, mother of a 16 year old who was stopped at a security checkpoint with and 18lb bom inside his vest

Fancis Wheen quotes Kipling:
He that hath a gospel
To loose upon Mankind,
Though he serve it itterly
Body, sould and mind
Though he go to Calvary
Daily for its gain
It is his disciple
Shall make his labour vain.

Quotes of the week

Key Words Glamour Forgiveness Fame Parenthood Patriotism Nation Families Father Son
Source Third Way
Page April 2004
Quote If something is worth doing, it is worth overdoing – Justin Hawkins, front man of the Darkness

If you don’t learn from suffering its worthless. I think suffering hones the Spirit, I don’t think it makes you nicer – Actress Jane Lapotaire after her brain haemorrahage

I think I’m tired with love. I am exhausted with all the times I’ve had with love – Actress Diane Keaton

I thought awards were divisive and damaging until I got one and then they became strangely meaningful and real – Bill Nighy

When she had her tonsils out I had to be there – but not for this. The clinic told me it was confidential – the Mum who found out about her 15 year old daughter’s abortion by reading her diary

I will give my loyalty to the United Kingdom and respect its rights and freedoms. I will uphold its democratic values. I will observe its laws faithfully and fulfill my duties and obligations as a British citizen -The new British citizenship pledge for immigrants

Anyone would think St Peter stands at the Pearly Gates with a tape measure – Anne Widdecombe on measure to curb obesity.

Maybe on my deathbed I’ll speak to him again. I’ll call him a bloody scab and then I’ll die – Former striking miner Ian Whyles on the son he’s not spoken to for 20 years.

I earn £100 a day for arthritis research. But I can charge £65 for servicing a fire which takes less than an hour – Dr Karl Gensberg swapping academia for gas fitting

I think it pushes one over the edge so that they see the enormity of that sacrifice – It’s very violent and if you don’t like it, don’t go. – Mel Gibson on The Passion Responding to US Jewish groups he also said “To be anti-Semitic is ot be unchrisitian and I’m not”

Never again will I have to endure another sermon from some sanctimonious God-botherer on the evils of violent cinema – Mark Kermode on the same film

God will forgive – that’s his Job – Catherine of Siena

The bullying of the poor

Key Words Poverty Justice
Source Third Way
Author Galloway, George
Page September 2005 20
Quote I cannot accept the levels of inequality that exist in our own country and, even more markedly, across the world. In the words of Mary Brooksbank, the Dundee jute woker who wrote in the 1930s:

Oh dear me, the world’s ill divided
Them that work the hardest
Are the least provided.

You can read an autocued and earn half a million pounds a year or you can spend your entire day with a water port on your head in Africa walking seven miles to and from a well in order to get dirty water to keep your family alive – though not for very long. And that I simply can’t accept.

War and terrorism

Key Words War Peace Violence Justice Poverty
Source Third Way
Author Ustinov, Peter
Page September 2005 20
Quote War is the terrorism of the rich and powerful,
and terrorism is the war of the poor and powerless.

Journey of faith

Key Words Journey Faith Conversion
Source Third Way
Author Third Way
Page 2005 Sep – p5
Quote Paul Vallely writes on the journey of faith
“All religion must contain three elements” according to von Hugel
“An institutional element to care for our infancy, when we need stories, structure, trust, stability, protection and discipline. A critical element for adolescence – when the critical faculty comes into play and we systematise, theorise and search for meaning; a time to impose, or discover an order, a consistency, a unity and an identity; a time when, as St Anselm wrote, faith seeks understanding. And the mystic element for our adulthood a time for working through our layers of inner consciousness, as we reach after the transcendent and the incommunicable whereof we cannot speak.”

Judgement and the hand of God

Key Words Disaster Suffering Tragedy Judgement
Source Third Way
Author Third Way
Page 2005 Sep p5
Quote The lifting of God’s hand of protection the implementation of His judgement of the Nation most responsible for endangering the land and people of Israel. – Stan Goodenough, columnist for Jerusalem Newswire, on Hurrican Katrina.

A direct “coming back on us” for what we did to Israel, a home for a home – Bridgett Magee, Louisiana resident, agrees.

Between the steeple and gargoyle

Key Words Pain Achievement Perfection Sin
Source Third Way
Author Higgins, Gareth
Page 2007
Quote Believing therefore that I needed to be perfect, I tried desparately to fight it. It was only when I found a friend who advised me that life is lived between the stepple and the gargoyle – the sacred and the profane – that I began to see that fighting with yourself in the cause of perfectionism is only a path to making you bleed. In effect, I was trying to amputate my own shadow.

I started to call my shadow Richard III (after the scene in the film with Laurence Olivier), and strangely enough that made him seem smaller already. I would have conversations with , asking him what he wanted, and didn’t he know that I’d already given enough of my life to him? I’d offer him a cup of tea, invite him to play if he wnted to. And if he didn’t, I’d begin to learn to ignore him.

Listening to music

Key Words Conscience Honesty Integrity Guilt
Source Third Way
Author Higgins, Gareth
Page 2007
Quote Frank Serpico, the New York cop immortalised on film by Al Pacino, was once asked why he had risked his life to denounce corrupt officers when he could have easily let sleeping dogs lie. He said, “Because if I didn’t, what kind of person would I be when I listen to a piece of music?” In other words, only total commitment to truth-telling allows us the peace of mind with which we can fathom beauty. It’s a tisk commitment in a devious society where an honest confession is as likely to lead to ostracism as widespread acclaim. But it remains the only kind of leadership I am willing to follow: one that is honest about its struggle and recognises the difference between temporal access and personal integrity.

God and ideas of God

Key Words God Theology Goodness
Source Third Way
Author Higgins, Gareth
Page 2007
Quote The notion that God is always better than our best ideas of God

God and angels

Key Words God Angels Belief Doctrine
Source Third Way
Author Wisniersak, Eva
Page 2007
Quote I don’t believe in God, but I do believe in angels. I think they were the ones who brought me back to safety.

Ewa Wisnierska, the German paraglider who was carried six miles high in a thunderstorm. She survived hailstones as big as tennis balls, temperatures as loas as -50 degrees C and oxygen deprivation

Finding someone to love

Key Words Love Need
Source Third Way
Author Allen, Lily
Page 2007
Quote It’s not surprise to me that 15 year old girls are deliberately getting pregnant, they just want someone to love.

Hitler and the devil

Key Words Evil Satan Demon
Source Third Way
Author Mailer, Norman
Page 2007
Quote Hitler exceeds human comprehension. For me the only answer is the existence of the devil… Hitler is the devil’s greatest feat against Jesus Christ.

Another mans religion

Key Words Tolerance Pluralism Religion
Source Third Way
Author Mencken, H L
Page 2007
Quote We must accept the other fellow’s religion but only in the sense and to the extent that we respect his theory that his wife is beautiful and his children smart


Key Words Weakness Strength Hero
Source Third Way
Page 2007
Quote Talked about the flawed analysis of saying “Jesus was the greatest hero of all”

In a letter from Matthew Vernon, St John’s Cathedral, Hong Kong
“Ironically, Christopher Reeves was a Christ-like person. Not when playing Superman so brilliantly, but after he broke his neck and was paralysed in a riding accident.”

Fashion and the good

Key Words Fashion Appearance Vanity
Source Third Way
Author Corner, Frances
Page September 2006
Quote Frances Corner, head of the London College of Fashion, on the appointment of its first chaplain
“Fashion should be able to make you feel good, and spirituality can have the same role.”

Worship and football

Key Words Football Sport Creation Worship Idolatry
Source Third Way
Author Smith, Delia
Page September 2006
Quote Footballers are not false idols. They are not like a piece of wood. People are worshipping God when they worship footballers because he is the creator of sport and football is his creation.
References Worshipping the creation (Romans 1)

Joy in Stevenson

Key Words Joy
Source Third Way
Author Chesterton, G.K.
Page September 2006- page 20
Quote Chesterton admired joy in others. For example he wrote about Robert Louis Stevenson, “gaiety was valuable to Stevenson precisely because is the most difficult of all the virtues … As most men have triumphantly maintained a level of sobriety, he maintained a level of exhiliration. He discovered the new ascetism of cheerfullness, which will prove a hundred times harder than the old ascetism of despair. He rode on the great galloping gift-horse of existence with the joy of a horseman at once dextrous and rekless, and did not, like so many more ambitious philosophers, nearly fall off in his desperate efforts to look the gift-horse in the mouth. He could enjoy trifles because to him there was no such thing as a trifle.”

The same article also spoke of the Spurgeon on sickness, “the greatest eartly blessing that God can give to any of us is health, with the exception of sickness, Sickness has frequently been of more use to the saints of God than health has.”