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In the congregation

“In the congregation… everything was going on at once, random, unscheduled, accompanied too much of the time by undisciplined and trivializing small talk. Babies born squalling, people dying neglected, an in between the parenthesis of birth and death, lifetimes of ambiguity: adolescents making an unholy mess of growing up and their parents muddling through as guilty bystanders. Also , of course, heroic holiness, stunningly beautiful prayers , sacrificial love surfacing from the tangled emotions in a difficult family, a song in the night, glimpses of glory, the sullen betrayal of a bored spouse quietly redeemed from years of self –imprisoned self worship by forgiveness and grace. Father, Son and Holy Ghost. And all of this mixed together. In this world, sin was not a word defined in a lexicon. Salvation was not a reference traced down in a concordance .Every act of sin and every event of salvation involved a personal name in a grammar of imperatives and promises in a messy community of friends and neighbours ,parents and grandparents, none of whom fit a stereotype”


From Eugene Peterson, The Pastor

Celtic Heart

Go on your way

Key Words Travel Discipleship Evil Devil
Source The Celtic Heart
Author Robson, Pat
Page 104
Quote From St. Anthony

“Go on your way trusting in God and making the demons look silly.”

Heaven is big and small

Key Words Heaven
Source The Celtic Heart
Author Robson, Pat
Page 85
Quote From the Celtic Psalter, attributed to Oengus the Caldee, on heaven:

“It is huge, ten times the size of earth, so that every creature ever born can find a place.

It is small, no bigger than a village, where all are friends, and none is a stranger.”


The Bible Jesus Read


Next year country

Key Words Hope Future Prophecy
Source The Bible Jesus Read
Author Yancey, Philip
Page 187
Quote Kathleen Norris, who lives in the farm country of South Dakota, speaks of “next-year-country,” a landscape farmers know well; next year the rains will come, next year hail won’t fall, next year winter will hold off a few weeks. Yet, continues Norris, she doesn’t know a single farmer who uses the idea of “next year” as an excuse not to get out and do the work needed now.


On apocalypticists

Key Words Apocaplypse Prophecy Future
Source The Bible Jesus Read
Author Yancey, Philip
Page 187
Quote From Hans King:The apocalypticists asked about the kingdom of God, the absolute future, in the light of the present situation of man and the world. That is why they were so concerned about the exact date of its arrival. Jesus takes the very opposite line: he asks about the present situation of man and the world in the light of the imminent advent of God’s future kingdom. That’s why he is not concerned about the time or manner of the arrival of God’s kingdom.


Wisdom, wealth and might

Key Words Wisdom Money Knowledge Might Power
Source The Bible Jesus Read
Author Yancey, Philip
Page 189
Quote According to Abraham Heschel, ancient society cherished three things above all else: wisdom, wealth and might. (Has anything changed since then?) The Hebrew prophets blasted all three of these values, any of which could become idols. None provides the kind of foundation a society needs; only trust in the living God can do that. The moral view of history differs markedly from the newspaper view, which tends to focus on fame and power – tokens of the very wisdom, wealth and might that the prophets denounced.


Joy beyond the walls

Key Words Joy Happiness Glad
Source The Bible Jesus Read
Author Yancey, Philip
Page 194
Quote The prophects call us to a vision of a deeper, underlying reality, to “joy beyond the walls of the world, more poignant than grief” (Tolkien’s phrase). By giving a glimpse of the future, and of the cosmic present, they make it possible for us to believe in a just God after all.


Interupting ourselves

Key Words Prayer Worship Praise
Source The Bible Jesus Read
Author Yancey, Philip
Page 127
Quote From Eugene Peterson, Leap Over A WallWorship is the strategy by which we interrupt our preoccupation with ourselves and attend to the presence of God. Worship is the time and place that we assign for deliberate attentiveness to God- not because he s confined to time and place, but because our self-importance is so insidiously relentless that if we don t deliberately interrupt ourselves regularly, we have no chance of attending to him at all at other times and in other places.

Faith Is The Pierless Bridge

The Pierless Bridge

Key Words Faith
Source The Assurance of Things Hoped For
Author Dulles, Avery S.J.
Page v
Quote Emily Dickinson : Faith – is the Pierless Bridge
Supporting what We see
Unto the Scene that We do not – 
Too slender for the eye

It bears the Soul as bold
As it were rocked in Steel
With Arms of Steel at either side –
It joins – behind the Veil

To what, could We presume
The Bridge would cease to be
To Our far, vacillating Feet
A first Necessity.