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Rooting Out Idols

Ultimate Training Camp

When Luther pinned the theses to the door at Wittenberg he said that repentance is a constant of the Christian life, not just when you did something wrong.  That was the mistake the Pharisees made when condemning the woman who poured oil on Jesus’ feet.  It was not that their mistake was worse – it was because they were not constant in their repentance.


There is a line from Rocky “I am going to go the distance because then I will know that I am not a bum” – the thing is that that thing is probably your god, the thing that you want to do, the thing that you say “if only I can just get that”.

You have to see the idols – you have to be like a soldier who knows where the enemy is and not give it polite names.  Seeing what is wrong is part of the solution.

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The Silent Sovereignty Of God

Ultimate Training Camp – Ultimate Sovereignty of God

15 April 2007

Wonderful exposition of Esther chapter 1 – talking about the deliberate avoidance of the name of God, of how Esther seems to get things very wrong at the start (from both liberal and conservative commentators) and yet God’s purpose will not be thwarted – and how our bad beginnings never thwart God’s sovereignty. Continue reading