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The new truth about you

Easter Sunday at Menlo Park, 2014

20th April 2014 – Transcript is here

Talks about a dynamically arresting new news which grips the disciples, then talks about Peter’s sermon in Jerusalem in Acts 2, and then a very arresting and gripping moment in which people are invited to be baptised.

The passage about news links in with Ecclesiastes 1, and the “nothing new” formula there.

For three years, the disciples would have been asked “What’s new?” and the answer would have been Jesus”, then on Friday, it would have been disaster and then on Saturday, nothing new, and then on Sunday, everything new, and talks about being gripped about something which is profoundly new. Continue reading

You don’t know the truth about you

On looking at our blind spots and coming to terms with who we really are.

9th March 2014 and transcript is here:

Talks about David and Bathsheba and our infinite capacity for self deception:

Talks about the scriptures and also brilliant picture of Eustace from CS Lewis, and how he is painfully transformed.

Plunge into the pool of grace which stings and smarts and makes us better.



Blessings and Woes

McKenna talks about the different insights into blessings.

Favourites include the Sufi story about kissing tea pots and hems of skirts, and being able to be late for prayers (page 14); 

Or the Aramaic Ashray being about setting yourself on the road to doing the thing which makes this happen

“Get up, go ahead, do something, move , you who are hungry and thirsty for justice, for you shall be satisfied” (from the Palestinian Elias Chakour, page 23)


Also the use of “Let me die, let him live” from Les Miserables (page 24), or the desire to bless the apple tree (what blessing will I find  – page 25ff).

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