My Main Responsibility As A Christian

18 mins Sketch from Screwtape letters about being distracted in prayer.

25 mins Story of meeting Joanna in a prison in South Africa

27 mins Start of talk proper – “According to surveys of Americans, more people say they pray than believe in God.”

29 mins Story of Orange Revolution in Ukraine and the role of the Sign Language Interpreter Natalia Dmytruk:

In 2004 the government of the Ukraine announced that they were going to hold elections.  Everybody knew that the elections would be rigged and that the government would in, but Victor Yushchenko stood against the government.  He stood, but everyone knew that the government would fix it for the government to win.


On the Sunday evening after the elections the announcer on the state news channel was announcing the results

“The incumbent president has decisively defeated the challenger Victor Yushchenko”


However there was a translator for the deaf, signing in the bottom right hand of the screen.  Her name was Natalya Dam was signing

In her own daring protest, she signed: “I am addressing everybody who is deaf in the Ukraine. Our president is Victor Yushchenko. Do not trust the results of the central election committee. They are all lies. . . . And I am very ashamed to translate such lies to you. Maybe you will see me again — ” she concluded, hinting at what fate might await her. She then continued signing the rest of officially scripted news.

So all the deaf people in the Ukraine began texting their friends, and the revolution in the Ukraine had as a major catalyst the deaf community.


35 mins What prayer does is it gets us away from the centre of the screen, and listening to the truth in the corner.


37-44 mins Talks about experience of walking and climbing 14,000 foot mountains in Colorado.  Talks about the experience of God being in control whilst up a mountain and lightning going off.


44 mins Job has two complaints against God; “What a lousy job you are doing of running the universe.” And “I want to meet you.”


God does eventually meet Job and says “Let’s compare resumes”


52 mins The realisation that we are not in control, but must acknowledge that God is God – “Be still and know that I am God. “ Psalm 46


53 mins Praying downstream – didn’t really get this bit


55 mins Who here prays for terrorists – the need to pray for those who hate us.


57 mins The story of Joanna in Polsmore Prison in South Africa.  In the year before she arrived there were 279 acts of violence in the prison that year.  The next year there were 2.


Joanna said “God was here already.  We just had to make him visible.”


Talked about the men in the prison, doing long stretches inside, and that the words “Soon and Very soon we are going to see the king” have a real resonance to them.