Gift and Regifting

This is the sermon from January 18th, transcript is here.

This is all motivated going through giving as a key love language, and that if anything is the love language of God, then this is it.

Many ideas come from Peter Leithart’s book “Gratitude: An Intellectual History”.

It says that Jesus is the most influential person in the history of giving, undermining the Roman system of Patronage (quite a lot of detail on this here) which was all about calculated giving, and giving to create an oppressive sense of obligation.  Jesus was completely removed from this idea, and that in this agape took on Rome, and agape one.

Talks about White Elephant gifts, gifts that were meant to destroy the people who were receiving them.

Also, unclaimed gifts – there are $44bn dollars worth of unclaimed gift cards worldwide.

Also references, Martin Luther King’s sermon, “The Drum Major Instinct” and about King’s instructions for his funeral, and he wanted it simply remembered that Martin Luther King “Loved somebody.”