Holy Ascenders

I’ ve been thinking about Ascent this week – mainly because of some work we’re doing on ministerial development and support, under the brand name Ascend.

We’ve been working of Psalm 24 – who will ascend the hill of the Lord?  A few things that strike you when reading the psalm – authenticity and a certain kind of purity are what get you to the summit (as opposed to brute strength, or hubris – if you are tempted to brag the climb will find you out), that the journey is done with a generation (those that the age has thrown us into company with; and not as a lone spiritual quest) and that a fellow traveller is God.  God himself finds himself locked out his own temple and must knock to enter.

And Psalm 24 is locked into the DNA of Scottish Presbyterianism through the communion hymn “Ye gates lift up your heads on high” – hoping that this reflection on the same psalm might (even if in a smaller way) have a similarly transformative effect.