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Joy and Prayer

The Robinson Crusoe verse


Charles Spurgeon referred to Psalm 50:15 as the Robinson Crusoe verse in which we are delivered and God is glorified – “You shall have the deliverance but I shall have the glory” – man and God take shares (page 163-164)


You never Enjoy the World aright, till you see how a Sand Exhibiteth the Wisdom and Power of God: And Prize in every Thing the Service which they do you, by Manifesting His Glory and Goodness to your Soul, far more than the Visible Beauty on their Surface, or the Material Services, they can do you Body. (Thomas Traherne, page 166)

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The Look

The Look

Text Matthew 5:27-30

This is sheer brilliance from Ortberg. The emphasis is the importance of teaching on sexuality, and the universal struggle that it is for Christians.

The overall thrust is that there is no sin that God cannot forgive one who repents.