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A few quotes from Karl Martin’s book “Stand.” (which reveals an extensive and well indexed reading history).

Today you are You, that is truer than true.  There is no alive who is Youer than you.  – Dr. Seuss, Happy Birthday to you.

‘But what about all the miracles?  The healints? Raising people from the dead?  Doesn’t that prove that Jesus was God?  You know, more than human?’

‘No, it proves that Jesus is truly human.’


(The Shack, William P Young).

…eye contact is the most intimacy two people can have = forget sex – because the optic nerve is technically an extension of the brain, and when tow people look ito each other’s eyes, it’s brain-to-brain.  (Douglas Coupland, Hey Nostradamus)

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Tell It As It Is

Don t give me
 drafted in collaboration with
a multidisciplinary stakeholder
partnership consultation
short-life project working group.
I mean is this about
you guys
or me?

This is hard enough
So please:

Don t leave me
oddly none the wiser or
listening till my eyes are
glazing over.

Don t leave me
wondering what on earth that was about,
feeling like it s rude to ask
or consenting to goodness knows what.

Don t leave me
lost in another language
adrift in bad translation.

Don t leave me
chucking it in the bin
Don t leave me
leaving in the state I m in.

Don t leave me
feeling even more clueless
than I did before any of this

This is tough enough
So please:

Make it relevant,
or reasonably
at least.

Why not put in
or sketches,
or something to
guide me through?

I mean how hard can it be
for the people
who are steeped in this stuff
to keep it up-to-date?

And you know what I d appreciate?
A little time to take it in
a little time to show them at home
a little time to ask  What s that?
a little time to talk on the phone.

So give us
the clarity, right from the start
the contacts, there at the end.

Give us the info
you know we need to know.
Show us the facts,
some figures
And don t forget our feelings.

Because this is bad
and hard
and tough enough
so please speak
like a human
make it better
not worse.

Written for the launch of the cancer information reference group of
SCAN, the South East Scotland Cancer Network 20th January 2006.

Andy Murray and the fear of Ben Hope

I hate the fact that he drags us so far up the mountain of hope, pulls us higher than any Scottish sportsman of the last twenty years, closer than we ever got with a Montgomorie Major or a Coulthard Championship, we are within a sniff of the summit, inches from the trig point of achievement; and yet also so close to a desolate retreat back down to the glen, grieving that we will never get this close again.

It’s that downward journey I fear.  If there is a chance of that pain, then I don’t want to climb in the first place.  I don’t want hope, for every encounter with triumph, there are ten appointments with gut shredding disaster.  And yet, and yet, I hope again.  We must.  Because there is a God.

C.T.Studd – The Biography – Part 5

Anointed by oil

  Key Words Healing Attack Disease Trust
  Source C.T. Studd
  Source Author Grubb, Norman
  Location 148
  Quote Describes battle with African fever, Studd writes:

“Here I was permitted to sample the African fever so frequently as to know it by hear, but without any increase of affection. It was like being repeatedly ducked by the devil, and once I though hae ducked me too much. But as each time on coming up on spluttered out, “Sold again, old chap” he finally got so annoyed that he went and sat down in the sulks and left us alone. That big ducking was an ugly affair: the fever mounted, the weakness increased, all the medicines had failed, and the time for disappearing seemed to have arrived: the darkest hour brought a brilliant flash of memory: “I any sick let him call for the elders of the Church and let them anoint him with oil,” etc.

Studd then tells of going and there being no oil but kerosene but that this was okay because all the book specified was oil.

We can trust him too little, but we cannot trust God too much.

  References Anointed by the elders (James 5)


  Key Words Disappointment Pain Sorrow
  Source C.T. Studd
  Source Author Grubb, Norman
  Location 150
  Quote The disappointment was hidden from our eyes, thank God, and once again we learned that the “dis” is more rightly spelt “His”.

Raising up friends

  Key Words Friendship Loneliness
  Source C.T. Studd
  Source Author Grubb, Norman
  Location 151
  Quote If a man is faithful to God he is bound to lose some friends, but God always raises up others and truer ones to take the vacant places.